Harley is a 3 year old deaf white boxer. He was adopted and lived with the family for over a year, but is being returned to our rescue. He is a good dog that is trying his best to be an even better dog, but he has a few challenges. Harley has anxiety issues over a lot of different things. He gets very anxious in his crate if left alone for too long. He gets overstimulated by activity around him such as children, high energy dogs, cars zooming by and sometimes even leaves blowing in the back yard. Harley has a hard time really relaxing and seems to be on edge most of the time.

Harley needs a calm, low-key household with someone that can be home more than gone. Harley needs guidance and more training (he does know a few hand signals), and lots of patience. When Harley is calm he is a wonderful dog and loves to be close to his people. He would definitely benefit from someone who has experience with deaf dogs or with boxers that have behavioral issues.

Harley has the potential to be a wonderful companion to the person willing to work with him and give him time to adjust to a new home.